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Dominate your opponents in any FPS! Accurate aiming, more responsive input recognition with PC mouse like quickness. The Eagle Eye PS3 mouse and keyboard converter allows for the use of a regular keyboard and mouse for playing PlayStation 3 games instead of the traditional PS3 dualshock. Easily customize your keys and sensitivity to start playing within minutes. The Eagle Eye features a high-performance CPU, resulting in fluid mouse movements with no delay or annoying dead-zones. Own your friends in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in ways you never thought possible! Remember how fun it was playing FPS games on a PC? Bring that experience to your PS3 buy getting the Eagle Eye mouse converter.

Latest News & Updates

October 14, 2011 - Sony Reveals Mouse/Keyboard Controller for PS3
Tactical Assault Commander 3 by HORIThis new PS3 mouse controller is licensed by Sony and produced by HORI. Dubbed the Tactical Assault Commander 3, it is a split style design that includes an optical mouse and WASD keypad with D-pad and wrist rest. The controller features LED backlit keys, user adjustable mouse sensitivity and interchangeable keyboard/mouse buttons.

The Tactical Assault Commander 3 will be available for purchase on November 2nd, 2011 and carry a suggested retail price of $127, though Amazon has it available for preorder at only $99.99 in regular and camouflage version.

October 20, 2009 - Dual SFX Frag Pro Gets Ship Date
Splitfish has announced that their new Dual SFX Frag Pro mouse controller for PS3 will ship on November 10th, the same day Modern Warfare 2 is released. Im guessing thats no coincidence. Modern Warfare has a huge following of gamers, many who used the Frag FX so there is no better time for Splitfish to release the Frag Pro. A new Modern Warfare and controller for the hardcore fans. The Dual SFX Evolution will also be released in late November. The Dual SFX Frag Pro can be preordered here.

September 12, 2009 - FRAGnStein Mouse Controller from Bannco
A new wireless mouse controller for PlayStation 3, dubbed FRAGnStein, is now available from Bannco. The FRAGnStein PS3 mouse looks a lot like the mysterious mLani Mobi controller which all but vanished months ago. Thats because it is the Mobi. The FRAGnStein should provide plenty of competition for the upcoming Dual SFX Frag Pro, which is a very good thing. Hopefully even more mouse based controllers will follow. Here are some interesting specs on the FRAGnStein from the Bannco site:
FRAGnStein - Use a mouse with the PS3

FRAGnStein Mouse Controller

"The FRAGnStein uses frequency hopping. This means that it will poll frequency ranges to try to find a range that does not cause interferance. The FRAGnStein is the first wireless gaming mouse that competes with wired mouses. It is a combination high res 2000 CPI wireless laser mouse and hand held controller for both PC and PS3 gamers.

Gamers have tended to stay away from wireless mouses due to lag. The FRAGnStein transmits bi-directional at 500hz - it has no lag! Most gamers are using mouses with less than 1k CPI while the FRAGnStein uses a 2k CPI invisible laser. This gives gamers silky smooth, precise movements in the highest of game resolutions. FRAGnStein also allows you to do live adjustments and the firmware can be upgraded for free."
The FRAGnStein can currently be found at, and for around 80 dollars, though at the time of this posting it was sold out/not available from Amazon and If possible, we will try to obtain a FRAGnStein of our own for review in the future.

August 14, 2009 - Frevolution X System To Be Shown At Gamescom
Frevolution X System

Frevolution X System

Visitors to Gamescom will get a chance to see the new Splitfish controllers. Gamescom runs from August 19-23. Both the new Dual SFX Frag Pro PS3 mouse and the Dual SFX Evolution controllers will be on display at the SplitFish booth, Hall 4.2, Corridor F/Booth Number 43 and Corridor G/Booth Number 44. It was also announced that both controllers will be PC compatible and the Frag Pro mouse has a DPI of 2000. Some new images of the controllers were released as well and the Frag Pro mouse pictured looks a bit different than the one shown in the original mockup. The original pitcures displayed a more sleek, ergonomically shaped mouse. Assuming this is the final product, it seems they ditched the sleeker design and went back to the old style, which is similar to the FragFX design.

June 23, 2009 - FragFX v.1 Files Removed From Splitfish Site
Download links for the FragFX v.1 firmware upgrade and tweak utility were recently removed from the Splitfish download page. The files are still stored on the server, the links were just removed. This may have been done in error and will probably be corrected, but in the meantime we have all the FragFX v.1 file download links.

June 20, 2009 - Beta Tweak Utility for FragFX v.2 Released
Splitfish now has the tweak utility for the FragFX v.2 available for download on their site. The tweak utility can be downloaded here. Be sure to read the directions carefully before trying the utility. It may require additional drivers for the FragFX before it functions. Also keep in mind this is a beta release so it may not be 100% stable.

May 30, 2009 - Dual SFX Frag Pro and Dual SFX Evolution Coming Soon
Dual SFX Frag Pro

Dual SFX Frag Pro

SplitFish will be displaying its new Dual SFX Frag Pro PS3 mouse and Dual SFX Evolution controllers at E3. The new controllers are part of SplitFish's Frevolution X System. The Dual SF Frag Pro is designed for shooters, while the Dual SFX Evolution tragets driving and flight simulator fans. The Frag Pro will get a laser mouse upgrade from the optical version of the FragFX. Both controllers will have wireless connectivity, a much welcomed feature. Also worth noting is in the provided picture there appears to be a scroll wheel on the mouse. However, there was no mention of a scroll wheel in the press release by Splitfish so this is not confirmed.
"We want to change the way people think about playing on game consoles. This FREVOLUTION X split-controller series was born from our customer and pro gamer wish list of control surfaces and designed around the natural macro/micro mechanics employed by your mind when playing action games. The result is an evolved, feature packed, customizable dual-controller setup that brings out the best in individual gaming styles," says Jason Johnson, co-founder of SplitFish.
The Dual SFX Frag Pro and Dual SFX Evolution are set to be released this fall. Pricing details are unkown at this time.
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